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Overseas students can only apply for a Visa to study in the UK if they are sponsored by an academic institution that has been awarded HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsor) status.

Ealing Independent College has been awarded HTS status by the UKBA (UK Border Agency). This means that its procedures for enrolling students reach the very highest standards expected by the British Government.

As a highly trusted college in London, Ealing Independent scrutinises all overseas applications, checks students’ qualifications and level of English.  Only after a full appraisal of all the relevant documents, including relevant bank statements, will the College issue a CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies) that will enable the student to apply for a student visa (tier 4).

Having HTS means that all students who enrol at the London College, whether overseas or home students, know that the College is a very respected institution that ensures all its students enrolled are academically able and sufficiently proficient in the English language to be able to follow and succeed in a GCSE or A-level course.

The number of overseas students at EIC never exceeds 20% of the total intake. Also, the College ensures that the overseas intake is recruited from several different countries to ensure that the institution has a real cosmopolitan feel.   

Click here for a list of Highly Trusted Colleges in London from the UK Border Agency. For more details about Ealing Independent College call 020 8579 6668  or contact us for any remaining questions.

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